Top Musicians in the U.S

  1. Andrew Lloyd Webber-

He is the king of musicians in the united states with a net worth $ 1.28 Billion. You may not know this artist, but you know his music. He is known for his performances in Broadway as he penned the music of their 20 greatest hits: Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats, The Phantom of the Opera, Evita, Joseph, and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and so on. All these shows are still performing all across the world and even some running for a decade straight. He profits from everything related to his products which includes merchandise, soundtracks, ticket sales, and film adaptations. He even gets royalties from two songs he sang for Elvis Persley.

  1. Paul McCartney-

Here’s another musician in the United States who is a net worth of $ 1.2 billion, he is Paul McCartney of the famous band the Beatles. Paul and John Lennon shared their writing credits for their incredible run, which guaranteed them a continued riches forever. Tagging along with Kanye West and collaborating with Michael Jackson, you can see an artist who is a consistent pop icon since the early 60’s. He has written over 32 songs each and reached number 1 in the Billboard Hot 100. The song “Yesterday” is the most covered song of all time as 2200 artist and bands have remade the song.

  1. Jay-Z-

He is a musician and also a businessman who is worth about $ 900 million in the United States. Jay Z awarded with 19 Grammy’s, sold over 100 million records and also launched the clothing company “Rocawear.” After getting married to Beyonce, their combined wealth is over 1 billion dollars. Jay Z is a licensed sports agent and working with his company Roc Nation Sports. He was the president of the Def Jam Recordings.

US musicians

  1. Herb Alpert-

At a net worth of $ 880 million, Hubert Alpert and his band Tijuana Brass Band have released five number one album and 28 albums on the Billboard charts. His revenue is over 72 million worldwide, and the “A” in the A&M records stands of Alpert which he sold in 1987 for 500 million dollars. His other know awards are 14 certified Platinum albums, 9 Grammy’s and 15 Gold albums. He is the only musician who hit number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 as both an instrumentalist and a vocalist.

  1. Sean “Puffy” Combs-

This artist, known by many names such as Puffy, Sean Combs, Puff Daddy, Sean John, etc. and is a net worth of 825 million dollars. Puffy has gone beyond his recording to running his label, the Bad Boy Entertainment which has launched guys like the Mase and Notorious B.I.G. His other achievements includes his perfume line, clothing line and his famous television show Making the Brand on MTV


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