Top American origin clothing brands

We can call it nationalism, protectionism or even a precious sentiment. As we all know we love American-made clothing, here are some of the American-made clothing brands popular among the citizens of the country:


To simply put it, labor work in the United States is very expensive. Many people will pick the trend towards the pricier end, and for some people, it is not a big deal, but for others, these high prices can lock them out of the market. Thanks to American Giant which is offering quality clothes at affordable prices. Located at San Francisco, the company has been able to set itself apart due to the company’s ability to provide quality-made men’s basics at a reasonable price.


A few decades ago, designer Matt and Emily Baldwin noticed that their consumers were increasingly demanding American-born workwear. The couple couldn’t find much while looking for things to stock, so rather than waiting for someone else to satisfy their customer’s preferences, Matt started his denim brand. Designed in Kansas City, and Baldwin, currently ranked among the best menswear brand in the U.S.


  1. BEYOND-

Some people choose to produce their clothing in the states out of patriotism while other produce out of necessity. Beyond the Seattle-based outdoor clothing company have decided to manufacture in the United States with a combination of both those reasons. Their factory not only promotes American Labor but also allows technically focused apparel company to audit their product quality in real time so they can ensure that you get the best wear in the country.


We all know that quality will never go out of style. It is something Bill’s Khakis founder realized when he came across an old pair of khakis from the 1940s, during his college days. It was nothing like he has ever seen, durable, comfortable and well made. The company was solely created to replicate this type of clothing.


Established in 1818, not every Brooks brother’s clothing is made in the United States but according to Forbes, almost 70 percent of their suits, 100 percent of their ties and 10 percent of their dress shirts made in the northeastern part of the United States. They have been around since 1818 which is pretty impressive to be popular even today.


The company started around 2013 with quality in mind. They quickly established themselves among the coolest men’s basic brand out there in the markets. They had jackets, t-shirts and made not far from their original studios in Venice, California which helps them to get the best fabrics for their clothing. The clothing is an excellent pick for guys who are looking to build out their everyday.


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