English lollies

Have You Tried English Lollies?

You have probably heard of a few English lollies that you need to try. It is worth noting that they are quite different from American candy.

The best time to try them is now! Those in the market right now might be changed forever, considering the recent development in the Cadbury egg recipe. We have tasted and reviewed a few lollies in the recent days, and have highlighted a few suggestions for you to try.

Indulge in the fine flavor of any or all of the following delicious English lollies:


Maltesers are remarkably simple yet addictive confectionaries that are made by covering honey malt orbs in chocolate. They are manufactured by Mars and are available in packages ranging from small boxes to large bags. Maltesers’ mantra is “The lighter way to enjoy chocolate” because of the way the malt balls feel airy. You will really have to struggle to confine yourself to just one Malteser because it is one of the best confectionery you will ever taste.

Jelly Babies

Jelly babies are known to be the favorite lolly for the Fourth and Twelfth Doctors. They were launched by Bassett’s just as the World War II ended and were nicknamed the “peace babies.” Most jelly babies are slightly covered with some sugar to make them even sweeter. Candy lovers refer to them as “a very concentrated jam floating in frosting sugar.”


The Lion bar from Nestlé’s is adored for its intricate tastes and textures. It is a chocolate bar with a lovely addition of caramel, flanked by layers of crunchy biscuits. The outer shell is made up of puffed rice covered in chocolate.

We like to think of Nestlé’s Lion bar as a perfectly twisted English lolly.

Drumstick Squashies

Drumstick Squashies are unique because they are chewy and look like rectangular Starbursts. They are loved because of their cloud pinkish white coating and their texture which feels like marshmallow. Aside from these attractive features, the milk and raspberry flavors really make Squashies special. There are various flavors for you to choose from.

Double Deckers

These are probably every English national’s favorite. Double Deckers are a divine blend of crunchy cereal and milk chocolate wrapped nougatines. The double layering is a true win in this candy.


Smarties made in Britain are relatively different from those made in the USA. Those found in the United Kingdom tend to take after M&Ms rather than the sugar disc version that is available in America. However, Smarties have a unique flavor to match all colors and come in bags or tube like packages.

Turkish Delight

The Turkish Delight is a sweet and popular lolly. Nevertheless, it is subjected to mixed reactions. While a number of people adore the way it is covered in chocolate and flavored with rose, others hate it, recounting a soap like taste. Beetroot is one of the ingredients of Turkish Delight. It gives the candy a pinkish interior and partly contributes to its flavor.

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