5 Types Of Belongings You Should Put In Secure Storage

Making sure that your valuables is naturally very important to you, but are you doing enough to protect the items with the biggest price tag that attract burglars? Some items are just so valuable that even a home security system won’t be enough of a deterrent for someone determined to get their hands on what you’ve got.

Other items you’ll want to keep in secure Newcastle storage simply because they are likely to become damaged or deteriorate due to humidity if you simply put them in the corner of an attic. Since these kinds of items are only as valuable as the condition they are in, it is essential you spare no expense in their protection so that their value does not depreciate.

Let’s take a look at the # items you should really put in secure Newcastle storage.


1.     Collectible artwork

One of the most common items kept in secure Newcastle storage is painting and other pieces of art that are both highly valuable and prone to deterioration from the elements. Paintings can fade and become discolored over time if they are not kept in a temperature-controlled environment like a secure storage facility. Humidity is the death of art, so make sure that you invest in a secure place to keep all of your most prized art so that it does not lose its value when you want to sell it off.


2.     A vintage car or motorcycle

Of course, another common possession to keep in secure Newcastle storage is vintage vehicles that have be refurbished to be sold-on to collectors. Because of the size of these items, its hard to keep them deep inside your home and they either sit inside the garage (or worse) out on the lawn or on your street. Needless to say, your vintage car or motorcycle is going be much better protected against theft and damage if you put it inside a Newcastle storage storage facility.


3.     Valuable music instruments

Just like a vehicle, a complex mechanical instrument like an electric guitar or a piano can be highly valuable and prone to lots of different kind of damage. The strings and components inside and some instruments can deteriorate in humid conditions, especially if it’s a wooden instrument. In order to step instruments from depreciating in value, you should really consider investing in a secure Newcastle storage solution for them.


4.     Crucial documents

Just like canvas artwork and string instruments, paper materials like important paperwork (tax history, birth certificates etc) can deteriorate in humid conditions and should really be put inside a secure Newcastle storage vault for their protection. In this instance, you are not protecting the paperwork for its value to be sold, you are protecting from becoming so damaged it is illegible and can’t be used in official processes. If there are certain valuable documents that need to be preserved, make sure you photocopy them to get a digital version AND put the original in secure storage as a backup.


5.     Historical artefacts

If you are lucky enough to possess and ancient historical artefacts, or fossils, then you would want to keep them in secure Newcastle storage so you can be assured of their protection against the elements. Things like humidity and oxidization can cause fossils to deteriorate rapidly and cause items to fall apart.

Hopefully the above gives you a good idea about what items you should keep in secure Newcastle storage.

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