5 Real Estate Technologies to watch out for

Investment in Real Estate Technology is at an unequaled high. In 2017 alone, funding firms put almost $13 billion in the space. For purchasers, dealers and the individuals who work in the business, it implies more alternatives, more arrangements, items, and tools that can make everything from purchasing, selling and contributing to settling, flipping and leasing less demanding and more lucrative.

  1. VR and AR

Imagine if individuals could take a virtual tour through a potential house before they went to see it. It could make the entire procedure a whole lot more effective, and it could likewise make individuals more inclined to make a purchase.

Meanwhile, Augmented reality could come into use when individuals are trying to picture how a vacant house will look once they’ve moved their furniture inside. On the off chance that a potential purchaser has officially taken the initiative of arranging out precisely what the house will resemble, the odds are that they’re keen to make an offer.

  1. Blockchain

The Blockchain system guarantees the uprightness of the information and allows records to be prepared for each property in the nation. For the Real Estate Agents, if such a framework were to become a standard, it could drastically lessen the potential for fraud and empower Real Estate Agents to get to substantially more information on unique properties and property holders. This would be uplifting news for both the agents and their clients.


  1. Chat Bots

Chat Bots are quickly turning into the new standard over a diverse range of industries on account of their capacity to decrease the measure of time that workers need to utilize while engaging the buyer to take a look at what’s available and to discover answers to simple queries about house costs and availability.  The best thing about chatbots is that they can work all day and all night so if nothing else then they can, in any event, help your business process client inquiries out of hours.


  1. Peer to Peer

The rise of the internet has lead to the formation of discussion forums and social networking sites, and it has never been easier for people to eliminate realtors and to engage in peer-to-peer deals with no intermediary. Regardless, it is a smarter idea to stay focused on the service you offer and provide value to your customers so that they would choose to make the trade through your company and not the peer to peer method.

  1. AI and Big Data

Artificial Intelligence can be utilized to process the data through machine learning that involves identifying new patterns. The data obtained could be the next big thing in the real estate industry in the years to come. If one can get a comprehensive understanding of the housing market, one can react more accurately to what’s happening and utilize the data to back decisions taken rather than merely responding to things based on intuition.


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